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Howard here.

What if I told you I had discovered a system that anyone can use to make $100 to $350 dollars a day online, with NO upfront investment ? You'd probably call me a liar, fair enough.

Now what if I had proof and success stories from my students to back me up? Because I do.

Since late 2016 I have taught 5 of my closest students how they could create "stupid simple" 10 to 15 minute video classes, and get paid for months using a little website called Skillshare.
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The truth is, Mendesh is just one of many, many marketers and newbies jumping aboard the Skillshare gravy train..

Why ? Because Skillshare is:
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If you have tried and failed building a list, affiliate marketing, buying solo ads or any other "system" that take years of your life to get good at, we have something for you..
Inside EZ Video Profit Kit, you will discover how creating stupid simple video classes using only free tools can bring in $100's of dollars a day..
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Working just once, EZ VIDEO PROFIT KIT empowers you to get paid over and over again, because you are creating a long-term asset!
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  • How a simple "30 Minutes a Day" routine guarantees
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  • How making FREE courses can still make you big money
  • How to make your content irresistible to you audience
  • The reason you don't need to invest a penny in traffic to make $100+ a day
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